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What is meditation? Does Hypnosis really work? And why is it so hard to stick to a wellbeing habit?
Our podcast and articles will guide you through the hot topics of the wellbeing world.

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Soul Supplies Playlist: Meditation Music

Tune into this playlist with our favourite meditation music. Simply, our personal mix to help get you into that feelgood state of mind.

Meditation Techniques and Types: Find What Suits You

Get to know the most common types, styles, and techniques of meditation to find what may suit you best.

What is Meditation and How Can it Help? Learn All About it Here

Here are some simple ways to understand meditation and what it has to offer. (Excuse the recurring gym analogy.)

Wellbeing Cheat Sheet: Find a Therapy or Practise That Suits You

Get a quick overview of the wellbeing techniques, therapies and practices out there for you to try.

Soul Supplies Playlist: Uplifting + Soulful

Music to lift your spirit and massage your soul. Morning, afternoon or evening; this playlist will make you want to move your body, ever so slowly, ever so soulfully.

Effective Behaviour Change: 10 Tips to Make Good Habits Stick

Actually helpful tips to support creating and sticking to good habits - by making them easy, attractive and the obvious choice.