• Bi-Monthly Moon Ceremonies (£9 per session) Book here >
  • Private Healing Sessions ~1.5hrs (online £95 & in-person £135) Book here >
  • The Wisdom of the Cycle 4 Week Course Book here >
  • Private Circles/Rite of Passage Ceremonies Book here >

Why we love: To the beat of her drum, Andrea gently invites you on a journey to explore the depths of the self beyond surface thinking. In our modern world, most of us are caught up in thinking and have lost connection with our deep-rooted, true self. As an experienced healer, Andrea creates a loving space to heal old wounds that are keeping you locked in unhelpful patterns, release suppressed emotions and reconnect with your inner wisdom and highly spiritual nature.

In the presence of Andrea, you may feel like a deep longing you didn’t know you had has finally been seen and held. And maybe you’ll notice that the words spoken during these sessions resonate somewhere deep within, like truths you had once known but temporarily forgotten.

For who: Any woman or girl with an open mind and heart, who is curious about a deeper connection to themselves and life.

Format: Andrea uses shamanic rituals, ceremonies, and sacred space to guide you back to yourself and give your intuitive, inner wisdom a space to be expressed. This introspective journey may take many shapes.

The Moon Ceremonies are a soulful adventure into our interconnectedness to nature’s seasons and the cycles of the moon, with guidance on how we can leverage these waning and waxing energies to manifest new realities or let go of old patterns. Held bi-monthly via zoom.

The Wisdom of the Cycle’ is a 4-week course of essential knowledge for women of all ages, exploring the amazing science and concealed truths about the menstrual cycle and a woman’s cyclical nature. Learn rituals and self-care for every phase of your cycle. Expect countless aha-moments and a completely new, appreciative relationship to your womanhood. 

A Private Shamanic Healing Session with Andrea is guided by her deep intuition and is therefore always unique and exactly what you need. She may do ancestral healing, chakra balancing or healing through traditional shamanic instruments and sounds or a mix of all. A beautiful gift to yourself.

A personal note… I first came across Andrea during a time of great work stress and confusion about my path ahead.

Being in the presence of Andrea’s wise, loving nature and deep intuition reminded me of the peaceful place we all have within, residing beyond the busy thinking mind. I had been so caught up in endless to-do’s that I had forgotten how to connect with that wise part of me, which was making me feel directionless. I attended the Moon Ceremonies and did Private Healing sessions, each time uncovering pieces of myself that I had refused to see, that I could now lovingly release or integrate, and for each time feeling a stronger connection to my purpose and that gentle force within. 

‘The Wisdom of the Cycle’ Course was as an eye-opener and true awakening to an area I am now very passionate about – a woman’s relationship to her menstrual cycle (or menopause) and understanding of her cyclical nature. I learned to listen to the signs of my body, appreciate what it can do and care for it (no big changes), and as a result I completely stopped having pain and intense mood swings during my period. I have several other friends on the course that experienced this too. 

I have such profound gratitude for the gifts Andrea has offered me and I wish for you to experience them too.

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