Lucyne Pearson

Psychotherapy - Shamanic Healing & Breathwork


What we love: Lucyne offers various courses and formats to help people connect to their own inner wisdom and enhance their wellbeing (we attended her “rewiring Process” course which you can learn more about below).

She is a certified Integrative Psychotherapist,  Shamanic Practitioner, Breathworker, Sound Healer and Sacred Singer;  broad knowledge and wisdom spectra which gives an interesting approach and balance between modern science and ancient wisdom. She also really encourages you to create daily habits to increase wellbeing, a key component to integrate your insights and continue progress, even after the course is finished. 

For who: People looking for a structured kick start to increase their wellbeing and also meet their inner selves, and are open to trying different practices and techniques. The course we tried spans over 6-weeks, so it’s good to make sure you are dedicated and have time to do the practices and exercises daily. 

Format: The 6-week “Rewiring Process” online course is a structured program with the intention of helping people find balance and wellbeing by creating new neuropathways. Many of us have unbalanced nervous systems that are in survival mode from constant stress and unprocessed emotions. Part of the course is to learn how to override this stress response by creating new neural pathways of elevated emotions like happiness and gratitude.

Over the course of the program, Lucyene offers weekly zoom sessions (also recorded), recorded guided visualizations and manifestations for daily practice and additional audio material and practices. The course includes a combination of neuroscience, subconscious reprogramming, inner child work and manifestation to help you become balanced and open to invite the life you desire, into the present moment. Each week has a dedicated topic and focus area such as releasing your inner critic and embodying your future self, a journey led by Lucyne that step by step takes towards greater balance and wellbeing. 

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