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What we love:  There is so much wisdom and heritage in one place at The Buddhist Society. All of the ancient Buddhism wisdom serves as guidance through daily life, taught by wonderful teachers who welcome newcomers and experienced practitioners alike.

For who: For those interested in studying the Buddhist teachings as well as those who simply wish to learn how to relax, find peace and tranquility. And maybe get some insight and guidance into the big and small questions about life at the same time. 

Format: The Buddhist Society was founded in 1924 and was one of the first Buddhist organisations outside Asia. The Buddhist society today is the oldest buddhist organisation in Europe and provides a range of classes, courses and lectures (online and live). 

The Buddhist Society offers guidance and instructions in Buddhist traditions, meditation and daily life practice.  Some of the weekly classes and mediations are open for all , but if you are interested in deepening your Buddhist knowledge and practice, you are can become a member of the society and pay and annual fee (£40). There are regular classes and weekly meditations offered online in the major Buddhist traditions: Zen, Theravada, Pure Land and Tibetan. 

If you are new to Buddhism you are encouraged to begin with talking the “Introduction to basic Buddhism course”. If you then wish to progress you can attend the ” First Steps in Buddhist Practice”, “First Turning of the Wheel” and “Great Way Courses”.

A personal note… I had always been curious about Buddhism, and last year i decided to attend the “Introduction to Buddhism Course”. It stretched  over the course of a week with daily lectures, and I was truly intrigued to learn more by the end of it. I started attending the online sessions, and still do at least once a week.  

I have during the past year attended many lectures and practiced different branches of Buddhism. I so appreciate how the teachers share the wisdom and Buddhists teachings in such a pragmatic and reasonable, yet beautiful and moving way. At the end of the sessions you are invited to discuss, share or ask the teacher anything that is on your mind. And in my experience, the answers,  are always such insightful suggestions on how to approach life. 

The many branches of Buddhism share the same core values and above all the “tool” and approach of meditation as a key component. In the meditations and teachings you are guided into becoming the observer of one’s thoughts. Realising that much of human suffering originates from believing all our thoughts to be true, and from living in the prison of the past, or in fabricated illusions of the future. I find it so profound and deeply moving, the notion that there is a calm abiding essence, a true self, free from the screaming ego, to be rediscovered in each and every one of us. 

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