Blue Spirit Costa Rica

Nosara, Costa Rica

Blue Spirit offers a unique combination of a true hideaway experience and the world-class spiritual and personal transformation
teachers coming to lecture here and an overall high quality on everything from food to facilities and treatments.

Program Wide range of programs for all levels

Teachers Depends on the program, but world-class teachers lecture here

Food Outstanding local, healthy food (mostly veg)

Rooms Clean and simple

Facilities Incredible facilities with stunning views

Price From $2500 / 7 nights incl. accomodation, meals & classes


What makes it unique: Blue Spirit is a magical place that invites deep healing and nourishment. It’s located in one of the world’s five “Blue Zones” – a rare place where humans tend to live much longer than average. This place opens a door to an exploration of what you long for in your life. 

The retreat centre is tucked away in the lush, wild jungle, on a hill above an almost untouched sand beach. For me, this place has everything you could possibly want from a retreat; beautiful nature, long beach walks, healing treatments with gifted therapists (you have to see Pascale!), delicious & healthy food, secluded spots to enjoy a good book, and incredible teachers. 

For who: When we’re caught up in our daily grind, isn’t it so easy to lose track of our sense of self or a sense of direction in life? There are so many expectations on who we need to be for other people/society at large. I recommend going to Blue Spirit for an opportunity to disconnect from everyday life and rekindle your relationship with yourself and what’s purposeful to you.

Blue Spirit hosts many different retreat programs, so there’s pretty much something for everyone whether experienced or novice, and whether you are looking for in-depth personal work, adventure or just to recharge. 

Program: Amazing teachers from around the world come to teach in collaboration with Blue Spirit on the theme of human and planetary wellbeing. Resulting in a buffet of programs; yoga, chanting, meditation, integrative medicine, various teacher trainings, and the list goes on… World-class minds and souls like Bessel van der Kolk, Esther Perel, and Jack Kornfield have been coming to Blue Spirit to lecture for years (see ‘Multi-Faculty Weeks’).

I attended a program with Yoga, Personal Growth, and Nia (probably easiest described as a creative form of dance workout), which was absolutely wonderful. We were about 30 people of all ages and backgrounds with 2-3 classes per day, allowing time to explore the area and do some horse riding on the beach (I highly recommend it!).

There’s no such thing as perfection, so here are a few notes on what I was less impressed by:

– The Howler monkeys in the trees outside my room woke me up extremely early some days (bring earplugs if you’re a sensitive sleeper like me).
– The sea (Pacific Ocean) was a bit too warm for my taste. Although you can enjoy lovely walks on the beach, I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re looking for a beach holiday.
– There are usually two retreats running at the same time, so compared to some other retreats it might feel a bit less cosy and intimate. Even if you without a doubt will form a beautiful bond with the people on your retreat.

A personal note… 
Blue Spirit provided the right conditions for some honest inner work and I really felt like my consciousness had expanded when I left. What followed that year were some big decisions which altered my path. It flinged open a door, and the only way was through it. Beyond the healing work within the program, I saw 2 therapists at Blue Spirit that were powerful liberating forces; an astrology reading with Mascha that completely blew my mind, and a healing session in the jungle with Pascale where I purged stuck emotions and cracked open my heart (might sound cliche but that’s how it felt!). Pascale also gave me a useful piece of advice that I still often think of “listen to your brain twice a day, and your heart all the time”.

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