Lanserhof Lans Medical Spa

Lans, Austria

The best overall experience compared to other health clinics; outstanding atmosphere, food, and health approach.

Program holistic health concept focusing on regeneration and detoxification

Staff warm, professional, combination of science and spirituality

Food very good, evidence based nutrition to promote health

Rooms modern and comfortable, many different room categories

Facilities state-of-the-art facilities with breathtaking views of the Tyrol mountains

Price from ~ €4,600 for 7 nights incl. room, meals & basic medical therapy package


What makes it unique: When was the last time you could just let yourself go and be fully looked after? In my experience, there are few places in the world where you feel as safe and cared for as you do at the Lanserhof. Dressed in a robe and slippers, you shuffle into your appointments where doctors, therapists and nutritionists are waiting for you, taking the time to listen, understand and show genuine concern about you reaching your optimal state of health. Your only job is to show up.

In response to our busy lifestyles and the detrimental effects of long-term stress, there is a rise in ‘health clinics’ like Lanserhof, that take a preventative approach to healthcare and propose a holiday fully dedicated to optimising your health and inner balance.

Having visited a few of the key clinics around Europe, I think Lanserhof (Lans) offers the best overall experience; high standard facilities yet very cosy making you feel at home; invigorating atmosphere surrounded by forests and mountains; healing, delicious food. And above all, the doctors’ holistic approach: understanding that good health isn’t just ‘absence of disease’ and that it requires addressing all aspects of the human: body, mind, and soul. 

The doctors at Lanserhof draw on a bigger field of knowledge and have a bigger toolbox than conventional doctors, allowing both their scientific understanding and spiritual knowledge to guide their work with you. (I even did a healing session with my doctor!)

For who: Considering our 24:7 connected lifestyles, wouldn’t it be ideal to take a week (or two) every year dedicated to resetting your health and filling up your cup, so you have more to give from when you return?

Based on the pretty substantial price tag it might be preferred to go with a goal in mind or specific concerns that need attention. Your diet and wellness program is then tailored to your desired goals; be it stress reduction, weight loss, curing disease, post treatment recovery, etc.

Program: Your first appointment will be with your doctor, who will recommend a schedule of diagnostics/check ups, treatments, and therapies on top of the basics that are already included in the program (like detox drainage, urine analysis, reflexology massage, etc). It’s good to be prepared that your doctor will liberally recommend a long list of therapies and supplements, which means you’ll easily end up with a final bill north of five figures if you’re not careful.

Some of the therapies I think are worth trying; Salt therapy with bath, Cell Gym (basically altitude training forcing cell regeneration); Infusions (Cell Energy intravenous), and Kneipp therapy (cold water treading). Also lots of people were raving about the blood cupping with the village Shaman to get rid of soreness/stiffness/chronic pain in the body. There are complimentary daily group activities like cooking classes, exercise classes, and lovely forest walks that are definitely worth taking part in. 

Basically, most part of the day is taken up by therapies and other classes, but try to give space for relaxation, like enjoying the lovely sauna, reflection by the fire, and a swim in the heated outdoor pool. You will probably be more tired than usual due to the detoxification – drinking Epsom salts to clean out your gut is a key, but less enjoyable part of the program.

Our intelligent bodies know how to heal. A plaster on a cut can help with the right conditions, but our body has the recipe to heal it. A cast helps hold a broken leg in place, but our body forms new bone to heal the fracture. In essence, places like Lanserhof can provide the right conditions for our body to self-heal by removing the normal inflamers (like wrong diet, toxins, psychological and emotional distress, etc.) and giving it the right support (promoting cell regeneration, fresh air, rest, exercise, calm, etc.), so you feel like new when you return home.

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