Dance & Move – Body Awareness

Tamara Nazon

Practice Format: Video

Duration: 16 min


Why we love: Moving our attention from our busy heads into the body has an instant releasing effect. When you let go of your mind and start moving your body freely, you start feeling like a playful child, following your body wherever it wants to go.  

For who: Anyone who has a body can enjoy and benefit from this practise. Remember to always listen to your body and do alter any of the movements should something not feel right for you. 

How it works:This dance and movement session combines mindfulness techniques and body awareness exercises. The point is to shift your attention from your head to really being in and with your body. The point is to get centred and to be in the present moment. You are guided to observe the sensations  in your body as you move through the session, without judging them, just observing. This becomes the first step to coming back to the present moment and starting to embrace life just as it is, moment by moment, and as you move you will help your body release tensions and stress. 

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