Soundbath – Endocrine System Healing

Love and Alchemy by Natalie Valle

Practice Format: Video

Duration: 10 min


Why we love: Sound healing is the perfect wellbeing tool to just drift away into the world of sound and vibration. If you wear headphones you can even better feel your whole body starting to vibrate in harmony with the crystal singing bowls. 

For who:  Accessible for many as adding sound to the meditation experience can take your relaxation to a new level and can be a helpful aspect for those who have a hard time meditating in silence. 

How it works:Sound healing is a form of meditation where the practitioner use instruments  such as crystal bowls to create sound vibrations that will then travel trough your body. The vibrations help release energy blockages and create free energy flow and wellbeing responses  in the body. This specific video focuses on sound  which is said to connect to your endocrine system which is made up of several organs called glands. These glands create and release hormones and the ones specific to this video are: 

  • Thyroid: responsible for your metabolism 
  • Adrenal: controlling your metabolism, blood pressure, sexual development and response to stress.
  • Pineal: Manages your sleep cycle 
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